Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween "Boogle"

For my 4th graders, I do a similar lesson to the Money, Money, Money lesson, called the Halloween "Boogle." The week before Halloween, I start off by reading a ghost story. We turn off the lights and I use a flashlight to help enhance the mood. The kids love it! While they are on the rug, I "sell" them good ghost story collections and Halloween themed chapter books.
The students then make their way to the tables for their library skills lesson. The lesson consists of Google skills, similar to the economics lesson (see previous post). After reviewing what a search engine does, we look at choosing keywords for Google and using the cached search. The students are then given a laminated page of Halloween trivia questions. They must first underline the keywords using a dry erase marker. They then must use the Google cached search to help them find the answer. The students love this activity, and it is a great way to motivate the kids during a week that makes concentration difficult. If you can't beat them on Halloween, join them!

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